For The Love of Espresso!

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There is a pressing question on individuals who are desiring to gain more education on the coffee that they are becoming so wonderfully addicted to, and that is…

What is the difference between coffee and espresso??

The simple answer? Nothing.

Take a moment for your mind to finish spinning circles in your head while we wait to explain.

Every coffee has the same opportunity as any other coffee to become espresso. The difference that makes coffee espresso is the process of extracting the delectably delicious taste.

Espresso is extracted by using an espresso machine, which utilizes pressurized water to force through a highly compacted puck of finely ground coffee beans.

What this does is forces the water to push through, what is basically a brick (not quite as dense) of coffee, moving slowly enough to heat the coffee and extract the most flavor possible, while also aerating the coffee, creating the smooth, creamy layer at the top of a shot of espresso known as creme. The creme is what showcases the amazing aroma and smooth flavor of the espresso. Just below the creme is the body. The body incorporates the natural sweetness of the espresso. The bottom layer is known as the heart, which highlights to naturally bright and fruity flavors.

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Once the shot of espresso is poured into the drink style of choice, it mixes all three layers together, creating one blissful, magnificent incorporation of perfection.

Espresso blends are merely mixtures of specific coffee beans that offer benefits to strengthen each layer of the end product. For example, a Robusta Brazilian will benefit both the bright fruity flavors in the heart, as well as the creme output on the top layer. A smooth sweet coffee, such as Guatemalan would benefit the taste profile of the body. Once the blend is designed, the roast level will also be taken into account. For espresso, having more caffeine is a benefit, however, roasting the coffee too light may leave the taste almost too earthy, so having the right roast level is key. Formulating the perfect espresso is key, so don’t take it for granted!

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