How to Know Your Coffee is Fresh

It is no secret that fresh roasted coffee is the best option for your morning cup. But how in the world can you tell if your coffee is as fresh as it can be for your daily buzz?

There are three main indicators that tell you if your coffee is at its freshest.

Is your coffee sealed tight with a degassing valve?

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Having a tightly sealed coffee bag with a degassing valve ensures that it stays as fresh as possible for as long as possible. When coffee has begun roasting, some amazing things happen. First, the beans begin absorbing heat, which creates a chemical reaction within the bean itself, such as the color based compounds begin to erode away under intense heat. The bean also starts to release steam as the water inside the bean begins to evaporate. As the dehydration part comes to an end, we hear the first crack, and the bean sheds it’s outer later. Next, the heat kicks up again to initialize the second crack, which is the point that the bean becomes cooked all the way through. Once this is done, depending on your preference, you can roast it all the way to an Italian or French roast. Once the roasting is done, the cool down process takes over. After cool down is complete, the coffee needs to rest because now the beans are emitting  CO2. The purpose of the valve is to ensure that the CO2 can escape, and not reintegrate into the bean. This is a key necessity to ensure the coffee remains fresh for a longer time.

Are your beans shiny?

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A shiny bean means it is fresh and full of flavor. When the coffee is roasted, it dehydrates the coffee bean and also draws out more compounds known as solubles. This makes the coffee bean look oily, however, they aren’t oily at all. These solubles evaporate when exposed to open air, and they are exactly what is needed to bring out the most flavor in your coffee. This is another reason why it is important to keep your coffee sealed in an airtight bag with a degassing valve.

Does your coffee smell amazing?

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When you open that bag for the first time, and that smell hits you like a warm and cozy train that you want to snuggle up with next to the fire, or cup your hands around a hot coffee mug sitting on the front porch on a fall morning, you know that the coffee is fresh. Some companies sell coffee that is several months past its prime. Keeping your coffee securely packaged will ensure that all of that amazing aroma sticks around as long as possible.

With Roasted Riches, our coffee is roasted fresh, left to rest overnight, and sent out or delivered the very next day in a tightly packaged bag with a degassing valve to ensure the best flavor and aroma. Remember that coffee, even when stored properly, only has a shelf life of about two weeks before losing it’s rich flavors and amazing aromas, so drink up quickly! 

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