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Here at the Roasterie, we are working hard to create an amazing coffee that is so good, it is HATED by kings! Let us explain…

In the late 18th century Sweden, Swedish King Adolf Frederick found great disgust in coffee. He hated it so much that he put a tax on coffee, stating that if anyone was to roast and drink coffee, they would be taxed. This did not stop the consumption of coffee in his country. It continued to anger him that others did not find the same distaste in coffee that he did, so eventually he banned it, making it a crime to consume coffee beverages.

Portrait of Adolf Frederick of Sweden. (Credit: DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Even though the ban was in place, coffee become a luxurious beverage to the rich who freely drank coffee even though the ban had forbidden it. This launched an underground trade of coffee (so basically, coffee was the illegal drugs of the day), which flourished.

Once Adolf Frederick passed away, his son, Gustav III came into power, with the same hatred of coffee. In an attempt to sway the public, he came up with a science experiment to prove that coffee was disgusting, and ultimately unhealthy. He put two murderer’s, likely brothers, in prison and forced one to drink the equivalent of three pots of coffee per day, and the other he forced to drink copious amounts of tea throughout the day. Needless to say the brother’s approved of their sentence.

The irony of it all is that the murderous brothers outlived Gustav III and even the scientists who were conducting the studies, living well into their 80’s, which was almost unthinkable in that day.

Once the hateful kings were gone, coffee became available to the public legally once again and now Sweden residents on average consume around 18 pounds of liquid coffee (per person) annually.

We are so excited to work on this coffee, and are excited to share it with you all! Keep checking in to see what our amazing coffee will be!

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