What Happens After the Prayer?

Every once in a while, I get a little kick in the pants. Once in a blue moon, however, I get my entire existence broken down to its core and reminded that I am a radically loved, child of God. 

I was reminded that saying a prayer to God is not as beneficial as living a prayer to God. I can thank God for all things, which is great, everyone should be in constant thanks to God, and I can ask God for strength to carry on and to grow closer to God. But what happens after the prayer?

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In my life, I've dealt heavily with self torment and setting the standards for my life extremely high. Knowing that I have my standards so high, I almost immediately give up and beat myself up for not amounting. That isn't what God wants from us.

God wants us to persevere in Him! He wants us to live our prayers, to be strong, and to glorify him in all that we do! He doesn't want us setting expectations for ourselves, He has already done that! "Therefore, go and make disciples in all nations!" His expectations of us are simple and easy! 

So as you are getting ready to pray, ask yourself: "What will happen after the prayer?" Live your life according to God's word, and know that he is with you until the end of ages!

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