About Us

Nick Sterner and Ryan Tarver have a vision and mission that has been long overdue. Their vision is to increase church planting through the use of a medium of joy, love, and caffeine. They want to bring churches to the unchurched by way of roasting and selling high-quality coffee beans in order to raise funds to plant churches all over the United States.

Nick Sterner is a pastor at First Baptist Church in Greensburg, KS and has a Master's in Divinity. He is married to his wife, Michelle, and together they have a daughter with a son on the way. Ryan Tarver has a Master's in Business Administration. He is married to Rachel, and they are enjoying life together every single day. Nick and Ryan have known each other for several years and have always found passion in doing what God wants of them. Nick is the visionary while Ryan is the analytical "no man" that keeps Nick's excitement under control and together they bring life to God's will in their lives.