Become a Partner

What is being a partner with Roasted Riches?

As a non-profit organization, you have an opportunity to partner with us and help create more support for your cause. 

By signing up with our Coffee With a Purpose program, your organization has an opportunity to raise money annually by simply being a Roasted Riches Partner!

Your organization will be provided an online ordering portal, and you have the opportunity to add the link to your website. For every bag of coffee that is purchased through your custom online ordering portal, you will receive $1.00. If your organization manages to sell 500 bags of coffee, simply by putting the link directly on your website or social platform, you will raise $500.00 throughout the year. 


Partnership Perks:

  • Customized online ordering portal, earning $1.00 per 12 oz bag of coffee sold
  • Customized label using your schools logo
  • Fundraising opportunities with the chance to earn up to $4.00 back per bag sold (contact us for more information)
  • Free one time advertising on our Facebook Page
  • AT COST pricing for your organization's personal coffee supply after reaching the purchasing threshold*.

*Purchasing threshold: Minimum of 50 bags purchased annually through online ordering portal.