Our Mission and Vision


Roasted Riches is providing high-quality, ethically sourced, fresh roasted coffee to everyone. It is our mission to do this with God at the forefront of the operation. Spreading the Gospel and blessing those in need is what we are about.


Roasted Riches has huge plans to use the funding received from selling our amazing coffee to work towards healing communities all over the United States. 


Different areas throughout the United States would be surveyed in order to find the greatest need for a church that can serve the people and the community in a Christ-centered and glorifying way to God. Once a location has been selected, Roasted Riches will raise funds to open a coffee shop, with a roasterie attached. This business will act as the main source of income for a planned church plant. The coffee shop will also act as the main source of continual income for the Church. Each employee at the coffee shop, from the coffee roaster and baristas to the one balancing the checkbooks and ordering supplies, will be theologically trained through the Roasted Riches training program, fervent in prayer, intentional in all relationships, and all toward the goal of seeing those in their communities saved and their lives transformed by the wonderful news of Jesus Christ.